We compile information about the distribution of glacial landforms and sediments in northern USA from North Dakota to Maine. Our compilation aims to minimize interpretations of genesis in the data collection because we do not fully understand the details of the genesis or conditions of formation of all landforms.

Unfortunately, past mapping has been non-standardized in different areas and the comparison of features from published sources is difficult. Ridges called end moraines in one area are not called end moraines in another (e.g. central Iowa). Similarly, different criteria are used to recognize streamlined features. This makes it difficult to compare areas using only existing glacial maps. Because of this, we examined the raw data sources (topographic maps, etc.) from which these maps have been created. We have used published maps and reports for information about sediment types. These are supplemented locally with high-resolution digital elevation models. Thus, we use a combination of published reports and maps and interpretation from topographic maps, digital elevation models and aerial photographs to add to the compilation.

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