Application of the Model to Pleistocene Moraine Complexes

Application of the Svalbard polythermal glacier landsystem model to the interpretation of Pleistocene landform-sediment assemblages is still in its infancy. In Great Britain, the model has been applied only to Younger Dryas moraine complexes in Cwm Idwal, North Wales (Hambrey et al., 1997; Graham and Midgley, 2000), and in the Valley of a Hundred Hills (Coire a' Cheud-chnoic), in the Northwest Highlands of Scotland (Bennett et al., 1998, but see also Wilson and Evans, 2000). These new comparisons stress the similarities between moraine-mound complexes formed by Svalbard glaciers and British 'hummocky moraine' in terms of moraine-mound morphology, sedimentology and facies variability. Understanding of the genesis of similar landforms in formerly glaciated areas of Scandinavia and North America may also benefit from these comparisons.

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