Aims and Scope of this Book

The expanding research on glaciers and glaciation has led to the production of considerable volumes of data on glacial processes and their resultant forms and sediments. These data are presented in ever more complex formats for use in science, education and commercial enterprise (e.g. Barnett et al., 1998; Fig. 1.10). This information can be parochial or reductionist in nature until it is applied through more holistic assessments of glacial environments and put to practical use, either in resource management/development or in regional through continental to global scale models of palaeo-climate reconstruction and future climate prediction. Due to the great spatial and temporal complexity of glacial processes and forms, glacial geomorphologists and geologists have found it appropriate to compile process-form models that relate to specific glaciation styles and dynamics. This book aims to provide a reasonably comprehensive and up-to-date selection of such models (landsystems) pertinent to both modern and ancient glacier systems and to a continuum of scales ranging from ice sheets to valley glaciers. These landsystems are useful for anyone embarking upon research or engineering surveys in glaciated basins and should be regarded as broad templates for interpreting glacigenic landform-sediment assemblages produced by different glaciation styles and ice dynamics in differing climatic, geologic and topographic settings.

Figure 1.10 Reconstruction of the evolution of the Oak Ridges Moraine based upon extensive three-dimensional data. I = subglacial sedimentation, II = subaqueous fan sedimentation, III = fan to delta sedimentation, IV = ice-marginal sedimentation. (Drawings by J.R. Glew, from Barnett et al., 1998).

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