The practice of glaciology363

72 Keynote introduction: The practice of glaciology 364 Richard B. Alley and Sridhar Anandakrishnan

73 Remote sensing in glaciology 370 Jonathan Bamber

74 Interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR) study of the northeast Greenland Ice Stream 383 Ian Joughin

75 An overview of subglacial bedforms in Ireland, mapped from digital elevation data 384 Mike J. Smith, Paul Dunlop and Chris D. Clark

76 Borehole-based subglacial instrumentation 387 Urs H. Fischer and Bryn P. Hubbard

77 Instrumenting thick, active, clast-rich till 394 W. D. Harrison and M. Truffer

78 Ice-core chronology 396 Claus U. Hammer

79 The 420,000-yr climate record from the Vostok ice core 403 Jean Robert Petit

80 Numerical modelling of polar ice sheets through time 406 Philippe Huybrechts

81 Ice-flow models 413 Anthony J. Payne and Andreas Vieli

82 Estimating basal properties of glaciers from surface measurements 415 G. Hilmar Gudmundsson

83 Measuring and modelling the mass balance of glaciers for global change 418 Roger J. Braithwaite

84 Integrated perception of glacier changes: a challenge of historical dimensions 423 Wilfried Haeberli

85 The Global Land-ice Measurements from Space (GLIMS) project 430 A. Kaab

86 Historical glacier fluctuations 432 Frank Paul and Max Maisch

87 Interpreting glacial sediments 434 Doug Benn

88 Moraine sediment characteristics as indicators of former basal ice layers 439 William George Adam

89 Using cosmogenic isotopes to interpret the landscape record of glaciation: nunataks in Newfoundland? 442 J. C. Gosse, T. Bell, J. T. Gray, J. Klein, G. Yang and R. Finkel

90 Characteristic cosmogenic nuclide concentrations in relict surfaces of formerly glaciated regions 447 Arjen P. Stroeven, Jon Harbor, Derek Fabel, Johan Kleman, Clas Hattestrand, David Elmore and David Fink

91 Laboratory experiments in glaciology 449 Neal R. Iverson

92 Laboratory observations of ice formation and debris entrainment by freezing turbid supercooled water 456 Peter G. Knight and Debbie Knight

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