Glacier composition mechanics and dynamics283

56 Keynote introduction: Glacier composition, mechanics and dynamics 284 T. H. Jacka

57 Manifestations of ice microphysical processes at the scale of whole ice sheets 290 K. M. Cuffey

58 Ice flow at low deviatoric stress: Siple Dome, West Antarctica 300 Erin C. Pettit

59 Physical deformation modes of ice in glaciers and ice sheets 303 Paul Duval and Maurine Montagnat

60 Superplastic flow of ice relevant to glacier and ice-sheet mechanics 308 David L. Goldsby

61 Anisotropy and flow of ice 315

Throstur Thorsteinsson

62 Ductile crevassing 317 Antoine Pralong

63 Environmental conditions, ice facies and glacier behaviour 319 Wendy Lawson

64 The behaviour of glaciers on frozen beds: modern and Pleistocene examples 326 Richard I. Waller and Julian B. Murton

65 Mechanical behaviour and structure of the debris-rich basal ice layer 329 Sean Fitzsimons

66 High-resolution time series of basal motion at an Arctic glacier margin 335 David Chandler

67 On the relationships between field data and numerical models of ice-mass motion 338 Bryn Hubbard

68 Measurements and modelling of diurnal flow variations in a temperate valley glacier 345 Shin Sugiyama

69 Using field data to constrain ice-flow models: a study of a small alpine glacier 348 Alun Hubbard

70 Fast glacier flow and ice streaming 353 Slawek Tulaczyk

71 Regional basal-thermal budget: implications for ice streaming along the Siple Coast, West Antarctica 360 Byron R. Parizek

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