Glaciers and their coupling with hydraulic and sedimentary processes2

2 Keynote introduction: Glaciers and their coupling with hydraulic and sedimentary processes 3 Geoffrey S. Boulton

3 Haut Glacier d'Arolla, Switzerland: hydrological controls on basal sediment evacuation and glacial erosion 23 Darrel A. Swift

4 A glimpse at meltwater effects associated with continental ice sheets 25 John Shaw

5 The erosional origin of hummocky terrain, Alberta, Canada 33 Mandy J. Munro-Stasiuk and Darren Sjogren

6 Tunnel channel character and evolution in central southern Ontario 37 Tracy A. Brennand, Hazen A. J. Russell and David R. Sharpe

7 Glacial bedforms and the role of subglacial meltwater: Annandale, southern Scotland 39 Tom Bradwell

8 Subglacial megafloods: outrageous hypothesis or just outrageous? 42 Douglas I. Benn and David J. A. Evans

Reply to Benn and Evans 46

John Shaw and Mandy Munro-Stasiuk

9 Groundwater under ice sheets and glaciers 50 Jan A. Piotrowski

10 Groundwater flow under the margin of the last Scandinavian ice sheet around the Eckernförde Bay, northwest Germany 60 Silke Marczinek and Jan A. Piotrowski

11 Simulation of groundwater flow and subglacial hydrology, Late Pleistocene Lake Michigan Lobe, Laurentide Ice Sheet 63 Chris Breemer

12 Modelling impact of glacier-permafrost interaction on subglacial water flow 67 Paul M. Cutler

13 Pleistocene hydrogeology of the Atlantic continental shelf, New England 68 Mark Person

14 Glacial chemical weathering, runoff composition and solute fluxes 71 Martyn Tranter

15 Solute enhancement in the proglacial zone 75 J. L. Wadham

16 Impact of mineral surface area on solute fluxes at Bench Glacier, Alaska 79 Suzanne Prestrud Anderson

17 Phosphorus in glacial meltwaters 81 Andy Hodson

18 Glacial landsystems 83 David J. A. Evans

19 The subpolar glacier landsystem of the Canadian High Arctic 89 Colm 0 Cofaigh

20 Plateau icefield landsystem 91 Brice R. Rea

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