Low/base/high cases for USAc

Most likely value

Note: The ranges and low, most likely (mid), high values reported in different studies were calculated in different ways. The estimates exclude monitoring costs.

a. Figures from Allinson et al., (2003) are statistics for multiple cases from different sites in Australia. Low is the minimum value, most likely is median, high is maximum value of all the cases. The main determinants of storage costs are rate of injection and reservoir characteristics such as permeability, thickness, reservoir depth rather than reservoir type (such as saline aquifer, depleted field, etc.). The reservoir type could be high or low cost depending on these characteristics. The figures are adjusted to exclude compression and transport costs.

b. Figures from Hendriks et al., (2002) are described as a representative range of values for storage options 1000-3000 m depth. The full range of costs is acknowledged to be larger than shown. The figures are converted from Euros to US$.

c. Bock et al., (2003) define a base case, low- and high-cost cases from analysis of typical reservoirs for US sites. Each case has different depth, reservoir, cost and oil/gas price parameters. The figures are adjusted to exclude compression and transport costs.

Table 5.10 Investment costs for industry CO, storage projects.






Storage type

Annual CO2 injection rate (MtCO2 yr-1) Onshore/Offshore Number of wells Pipeline length (km) Capital Investment Costs (US$ million) Capture and Transport Compression and dehydration Pipeline Storage

Drilling and well completion



Total capital investment costs (US$ million) Operating Costs (US$ million)

Fuel and CO2 tax References


1996 Aquifer 1

Offshore 1 0

79 79 none 15 15

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