Coordinating Lead Authors

Kelly (Kailai) Thambimuthu (Australia and Canada), Mohammad Soltanieh (Iran), Juan Carlos Abanades (Spain)

Lead Authors

Rodney Allam (United Kingdom), Olav Bolland (Norway), John Davison (United Kingdom), Paul Feron (The Netherlands), Fred Goede (South Africa), Alyce Herrera (Philippines), Masaki Iijima (Japan), Daniel Jansen (The Netherlands), Iosif Leites (Russian Federation), Philippe Mathieu (Belgium), Edward Rubin (United States), Dale Simbeck (United States), Krzysztof Warmuzinski (Poland), Michael Wilkinson (United Kingdom), Robert Williams (United States)

Contributing Authors

Manfred Jaschik (Poland), Anders Lyngfelt (Sweden), Roland Span (Germany), Marek Tanczyk (Poland) Review Editors

Ziad Abu-Ghararah (Saudi Arabia), Tatsuaki Yashima (Japan)

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Guide to Alternative Fuels

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