Integrated gasification combined cycle: power generation in which hydrocarbons or coal are gasified (q.v.) and the gas is used as a fuel to drive both a gas and a steam turbine.


Rock formed when molten rock (magma) has cooled and solidified (crystallized).

Immature basin

A basin in which the processes leading to oil or gas formation have started but are incomplete.

Infrared spectroscopy

Chemical analysis using infrared spectroscope method. Injection

The process of using pressure to force fluids down wells.


A measure of the rate at which a quantity of fluid can be injected into a well.

In-situ mineralization

A process where minerals are not mined: carbon dioxide is injected in the silicate formation where it reacts with the minerals, forming carbonates and silica.

International Seabed Authority

An organization established under the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica.

An atom or molecule that has acquired a charge by either gaining or losing electrons.

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