Cost of electricity, value as calculated by Equation 1 in Section 3.7.


The simultaneous use of more than one fuel in a power plant or industrial process. Completion of a well

Refers to the cementing and perforating of casing and stimulation to connect a well bore to reservoir.


The quality of agreement between two entities. Conservative values

Parameter values selected so that a parameter, such as CO2 leakage, is over-estimated.


Restriction of movement of a fluid to a designated volume (e.g. reservoir).

Continental shelf

The extension of the continental mass beneath the ocean. COREX

A process for producing iron. Cryogenic

Pertaining to low temperatures, usually under about -100°C.

Dense phase

A gas compressed to a density approaching that of the liquid. Dense fluid

A gas compressed to a density approaching that of the liquid. Depleted

Of a reservoir: one where production is significantly reduced. Diagenesis

Processes that cause changes in sediment after it has been deposited and buried under another layer.

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