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Using fossil fuels for energy produces enormous quantities of CO2 which is transferred to the atmosphere. The fossil fuels, particularly coal, have been and still are the workhorse of energy production. Replacing coal and oil by natural gas can substantially reduce CO2 emissions, however unfortunately it cannot eliminate it completely. Although the "clean energy" concept forms a very important strategy for all nations, we must always keep in mind that this effort has serious limitations. The forecasted energy scenario predicts that CO2 emissions will increase by a minimum of 30%, leveling off at that

value for two or three decades in the first half of the century. The main question now is how this increased emission will influence the climatic state of the earth? The popular, simplified answer is that the use of fossil energy is alone responsible for the rise of average temperatures, and hence climatic changes. The real scientific fact is that natural factors contribute 96% of climatic changes, while the effect of anthropogenic factors are marginal. As far as the natural factors are concerned, water-induced processes are responsible for 65% of the changes and the influence of CO2 in the atmosphere is estimated to be less than 30%. In contrast, man-made energy production represents only 15% of the total CO2 emissions, however it is within this area where science and engineering can and must focus all efforts to decrease CO2 emissions. For a better understanding of natural and anthropogenic factors this paper analyses various aspects and consequences of energy production based on fossil fuels, its possible effect on climate and the actions that science, society and individuals must take to address this problem.

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