One of the most suitable means for geological CO2 sequestration is in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) operations, which lower the cost of CO2 disposal by recovering incremental oil (Fanchi, 2001; Jessen et al., 2001; Brush et al., 2002). According to the U.S. DOE, 2,000 scf of CO2 are stored per barrel of currently produced oil, with targets set for an eventual 10,000 scf per barrel of oil (

CO2 injection for EOR is a proven technology and many applications are in progress all around world. Note, however, that the sequestration of CO2, while enhancing oil production in partly depleted reservoirs, is technically a different problem. Detailed analyses of the process are needed as early breakthrough of CO2 is not desired.

This paper focuses on the determination of optimal conditions that maximize both oil recovery and underground CO2 sequestration. This was investigated by using a numerical model and considering different injection schemes, such as miscible and immiscible CO2 and flue gas. Evaluations were done for breakthrough times.

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