Cryogels A Promising Material For Underground Works In Permafrost

L.K. Altunina1, V.A. Kuvshinov1 and S.N. Dolgikh2

1Institute of Petroleum Chemistry SB RAS, 3 Academichesky Avenue, 634021, Tomsk, Russia; Institute "Yakutniproalmaz", Stock Company "ALROSA", Mirny, Yakutia

Abstract: Cryotropic gel-forming systems have been developed at the Institute of Petroleum Chemistry SB RAS in Tomsk, Russia. They are capable of generating gels at 0-20 °C, subsequently converting to cryogels during freeze-thaw cycles which exhibit high elasticity and adhesion to rock. Both laboratory and field experiments are reported here, including 2003-2004 pilot tests conducted to seal a leaking interval at the base of a dam at the Irelyakh hydrosystem, Stock Company "ALROSA", Yakutia.

Key words: cryogel, permafrost, viscosity, elasticity, sealing, cutoff wall, dam

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