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Although the climate policy of the Federal Republic of Germany is aiming at an increased use of renewable energy and reduction of energy consumption, fossil fuels will remain an important energy source in the foreseeable future, even more so because the production of nuclear energy within Germany will be phased out over the next 20 years. In this context one strategy, namely the reduction of CO2 emissions from fossil fuel power plants is reflected in the COORETEC programme. Here the first priority is the development of modern, highly efficient power plant technology. New procedures for CO2 separation and zero-emission fossil power plants are also considered within COORETEC but will invariably reduce power generation efficiency and increase energy costs. Provided that this approach continues to find public acceptance, the issue of long-term geological storage of large quantities of CO2 arises as an immediate consequence of CO2 separation. Experience gathered by several German research groups in European projects is now integrated into the national GEOTECHNOLOGIEN R&D programme which takes into account the specific geological, infrastructural, socio-economic and legal situation in Germany. Involvement of German research groups in previous (GESTCO, NASCENT, RECOPOL) and ongoing EU projects (CASTOR, CO2SINK, CO2STORE, CO2GeoNet) will ensure the continuity of exchange of expertise on the international level. Additionally, according to the second call in the EU 6th Framework Programme, joint research projects on CCS with the participation of German research institutes involved in current EU projects are in preparation.

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