We thank Alvia Gaskill, Ken Caldeira and three anonymous referees for their constructive suggestions. Dennis Shea kindly provided computer scripts facilitating some of the model analysis. Work by R. P. T. was supported by NSF grant ATM-07-30761. A. R., L. O. and G. L. S. were supported by NSF grant ATM-07-30452.

P. J. R. and S. T. were supported by NCAR and the NSF. C.-C. C. was supported by a grant from the University of Calgary. NCAR simulations were performed at NCAR. Rutgers simulations were carried out at NASA GISS. Model development and computer time at GISS were supported by NASA climate modelling grants. The National Center for Atmospheric Research is sponsored by the National Science Foundation. P. J. R. thanks Diane Pendlebury for her help in redrafting Figure 12.1.

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