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The experience that a woman has during childbirth shapes how the rest of her child-raising experience goes, in many ways. A good birth can have a huge effect on how good you feel about your child, whereas a bad birth can often lead to feelings of sadness or PDST-type symptoms due to the pain and struggle of the birth experience. However, you don't need to worry about that now, because the information in this book gives you ALL of the experience and expert advice that you need in order to have a really amazing birth, that really marked that day as the truly special day that it is. This book teaches you how to use natural, holistic remedies to heal yourself during pregnancy in order to make sure that you feel your best during the whole birth experience. You can also learn everything you need to know about natural birth Everything you need to know to have a great pregnancy and birth is in this guide! More here...

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The Movement For Birthing

More and more research is showing that having your baby naturally can help both you AND your child later in life, and cause a better pregnancy than one that is focused around drugs and doping the mother until she can't feel a thing. Penelope is a natural birth expert and knows exactly how to make sure that you have the pregnancy and birth that you actually deserve, instead of going through a lot of pain that you should not have to deal with. Her method makes birth much more manageable and even pleasurable for both you AND your baby. This online course goes into far more detail than the advice that too many courses offer; there is no nonsense about passive relaxation This course teaches you what to DO when you're about to have a baby. You will also learn the exercises that you need to know to strengthen your body. For childbirth Come into the birth prepared and ready!

The Movement For Birthing Summary

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Biodiversity conservation in perspective

Pharmaceutical leads from certain tropical plants, the search and screening programmes have recently concentrated more attention on species with firmly established indigenous medical histories. Expeditionary forces sent to tropical regions to collect samples for screening engage, in nearly all cases, tribal members to harvest the medicinal plants. Tribal members usually have a vast knowledge of forest terrains. With a few dollars in their pockets, hired individuals bring back sackfuls of plant material. The impoverished communities are lured by the dollar to treat harvesting as an important source of income. This gives birth to a new breed of indigenous entrepreneurs inclined to employ local teams or gangs to harvest plants. Screening activities take years to generate tangible results and so overhar-vesting is bound to occur. The rates of harvesting accelerate as the yearning for bigger incomes by the local population increases. To a very considerable extent, the expeditionary forces...

Life History Strategies

Life Strategy Ecology

The earliest life strategy classifications were based on a two-class division on the use of resources using the terms such as capitalists and proletarians, possibly reflecting radical political thinking at this period (Grime et al., 1988). This and other two-way classifications in essence anticipated the classification of r and K selection strategies where organisms are divided on the basis of whether their lifestyles are adapted to frequently disturbed environments or niches, or whether they are able to exploit continuously highly productive habitats (Fig. 3.23). In r-selected species the typical habitat is one where resources are transient and temporary and thus the population that grows most rapidly prevails. Such populations increase their intrinsic rate of population growth either by increasing their birth rate (seedling production) or more effectively decreasing generation time. Such rapidly growing populations suffer high levels of mortality particularly at the seedling stage....

Constant Climate Determinism

In terms of academic, social and political influence, this softer climate determinism reached its apogee with the prolific writings and sweeping visions of Huntington (1907, 1916, 1924a, b, 1927, 1945). His works were both widely read and for a time were at the forefront of the modified paradigm. To his credit, Huntington attempted to advance Hippocratic ideas on health, performance and social development away from subjective qualitative statements of the preceding years. He tried to establish optimum temperature, humidity, weather and climate conditions in terms of quantitative data obtained for physical and mental work (e.g. factory production, library usage, college examination), and assess societies with objective indicators used even today in United Nations documents on development (e.g. birth rate, death rates, infant mortality, literacy, income). Huntington's analysis suggested that optimum performance temperature was near 18 C and then in comparing isotherm patterns to mapped...

General characteristics

After being deposited on the ground or on a previous snow layer, snow crystals accumulate and give birth to a new snow layer. The initial structure of this layer depends on the shape and size of the crystals and on the stress applied to the bonds that link them together. Ice forms a solid matrix that delimits pores filled with humid air and, in the case of wet snow, with liquid water. In snow, most pores are interconnected. Thus, snow belongs to the great family of porous media whose members generally present complex physical properties. Compared to other porous media, the complexity of snow physical properties is increased by the fact that the solid, liquid, and gaseous phases of the principal component of snow - water - may

Conceptions of property indigenous and modern

During the early 1960s, developing countries protested vehemently against the structure and content of the Paris Convention, and urged industrialised countries to modify certain provisions which could help facilitate the economic and technological development of the South. An issue favoured by the South was that regimes of industrial property should reflect national socioeconomic needs and historical challenges, giving each country the freedom to exclude products or technologies which compromise the development process. These calls were resisted by the North who pushed for the adoption of a universal set of minimum standards to be enforced across the board. The USA was concerned, for instance, with losses reported by American firms from counterfeiting and piracy. The USA first floated her concerns in GATT (the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade), because these were issues of trade, during the Tokyo Round so as to secure protection against trade distortions. A few...

The Emergence Of Life And Oxygen

The famous Miller-Urey experiment in the 1950s demonstrated that a gas mixture containing methane, ammonia, hydrogen, and water subjected to simulated lightening discharges is capable of producing amino acids (essential biochemicals) within a very short time. Subsequent experiments have shown that gas mixtures more closely resembling the actual composition of the pre-biological atmosphere produce essential biomol-ecules under the influence of electrical discharges. Hence, laboratory experiments demonstrate that the atmospheric conditions on the early Earth were sufficient to give birth to the molecules of life.

Human Effects On Polar Bears

Increasing numbers of drowned polar bears have been reported, the result of increasing areas of open water between ice floes, presumably leading to overexertion during swimming. The loss of ice cover could also reduce the ability to access prey and mates, disrupt migration routes, and increase distances animals have to travel to find food (exacting an energetic cost). Many females also construct their birthing dens on ice. In the past 20 years, the proportion of dens located on sea ice has halved.

The Arctics Other Resources

Until the end of the 1990s, the remote Norwegian coastal town of Hammerfest, which lies 400 miles north of the Arctic Circle, was in a state of true decline (Map 5). Almost entirely dependent on reindeer farming and the fishing industry, it had been relatively prosperous in the 1960s, when fish stocks in the Barents Sea were particularly plentiful, but had then gradually started to suffer hard times. Its small population, of around just 9,000 inhabitants, began to dwindle as an increasing number of young people made their way southwards to find opportunities that simply did not exist at home. Visitors remarked on ubiquitous signs of decay and neglect, as schools and hospitals slowly crumbled, water pipes burst and levels of mortality outstripped the birth rate. Regularly rain-soaked, blessed with only a few limited hours of daylight for at least half of the year, and with winter temperatures regularly dipping well below freezing, Hammerfest was a distinctively unenviable place to be.

The Environmental Challenge

But over the past decade or so, the bears have been forced to delay their journey longer than ever while they wait for the ice to freeze. This delay is having a highly adverse effect on their wellbe-ing, since they are spending less time on the ice and therefore have fewer opportunities of finding any food. As a result their health and fitness is being affected, their birth rates are falling and they are becoming less resilient to disease and to the demands of this harsh climate. Throughout the year they are also being forced to swim huge distances to find the ice cover they need and many are drowning in the process. So at one of their favourite venues, outside the tiny settlement at Churchill on Hudson Bay, where Pat Broe had made such a shrewd investment in 1997, their numbers are thought to have dropped by around one-quarter since the late 1980s.1

Engineering Effects On Biotic And Abiotic Resource Flows

Recruitment of arthropods to engineered habitat patches frequently occurs in conjunction with reproduction, whereby arthropods of various types lay eggs or give birth (e.g., many parthenogenetic aphids) on foliage incorporated into a shelter (Cappuccino and Martin 1994, Lill and Marquis 2004) or lay eggs into host arthropods residing within shelters (Pasek and Kearby 1984, Lill 1999). Shelters used temporarily by more mobile arthropods (e.g., many adult beetles) may increase the residence time of these arthropods on the plant by providing concentrated, high-quality resources. The fidelity, survivorship, and residence time of arthropods secondarily occupying leaf shelters of different types require

Hurricanes and Typhoons

HURRICANES AND TYPHOONS are tropical cyclones with maximum sustained winds of at least 74 mi. per hour (64 knots). Tropical cyclones that originate over the tropical Atlantic basin or the eastern central North Pacific basin are called hurricanes, while those that originate in the tropical western North Pacific are called typhoons. Before the tropical cyclone reaches hurricane or typhoon status, there are stages of development the system will go through from birth to decay. Initially, when a poorly-organized mass of thunderstorms produces a weak circulation, the system is known as a tropical disturbance or tropical wave. When the winds increase to between 20 and 34 knots, the system is upgraded to a tropical depression, and when the winds increase to between 35 and

Apparent Anti Cancer Benefits of UV

A difficulty in the epidemiology is that there are many possible confounding effects relating to cancer incidence, and the total list of these influences can usually not be included in an analysis. For example, there is a decided trend of increased incidence of breast cancer from south to north in the US (Garland et al., 1990 Sturgeon et al., 1995). This trend has been interpreted as being caused by decreased vitamin D production with the lower UV-B exposure in the north (Garland et al., 1990). However, according to Sturgeon et al. (1995), most of the geographic variations in breast cancer can be explained by demographic patterns. For example, women residing in the southern areas of the U.S. typically give birth to their first child at a younger age, and their breast cancer mortality rate is lower. However, the study by Sturgeon et al. (1995) did not examine environmental factors such as UV exposure. Giovannucci (2005) cited examples that suggest an inverse relationship between sun...

Population Growth

India was the first country in the world to adopt a programme to reduce birth rates aimed at stabilizing population 'consistent with the requirement of the national economy.' Ironically the programme could not achieve the desired results in the early decades of its implementation. Replacement level fertility is estimated to be achieved by 2026. Yet, because of population momentum, the population will continue to grow for some more time. Mukhopadhyaya (2000) observed that during 1901-1921, the population of India increased from 238 to 251 millions, in subsequent three decades the annual exponential growth rates were above 1 . After 1951 the population exhibited an average annual growth rate of around 2 . The second half of the twentieth century witnessed India's population increasing from 361 million in 1951 to 964 million in 1998. As India could not reduce its population growth to desired levels, the National Health Policy, 1983, set more specific goals. It stated the long-term goal...

Isotopic proxies

Isotopes are unstable, and decay into other elements these can be used as clocks, to determine when things happened. The original, and most famous, such application is radiocarbon dating, which makes use of the decay of the form of carbon having a molecular weight of 14 (carbon-14, or 14C. Stable isotopes do not decay, and instead provide a tracer of past chemical reactions in which the substance participated. For elements heavier than Helium the stable isotopic composition of a planet is determined primarily by the synthesis of the elements in the supernova explosion which gave birth to the material eventually incorporated into the Solar system. The isotopic ratio can in some cases be further changed by the process of planetary formation. For example, oxygen has three stable isotopes 18O, 17O and 16O, the latter of which is by far the most common. About 1 in 500 atoms of oxygen on Earth are 18O, which is nearly the same ratio as found in the Sun and which presumably represents the...

Natural Lakes

Hamun Lake

The origin of some old lakes is traced back to the geological events that gave birth to the Asian continent. The Caspian Sea, the world's largest lake (surface area about 394 000 km2 and total volume 78 000 km3), which lies east of the Caucasus and north of the Elburz Mountains, and 28 m below the sea level, evolved over the past 7M years, passing through phases of constriction and expansion and large water level changes. The collision of the Arabian Peninsula with west Asia pushed up the Elburz-Kopet Dag and Caucasus Mountains and formed the Sarmatian Lake, composed of the present Black Sea and south Caspian. Further orogenic events separated the Black Sea from South Caspian which started sagging. A mountain arch rose across the south basin dividing it into the Khachmas and Lenkoran Lakes. Subsidence of this land bridge due to continued sagging reunited the two basins (Balakhan Lake). About 3-2 million years BP the lake expanded to more than three times its present area -...


The heat and the humidity of the summertime can often produce what are called ordinary thunderstorms or air mass thunderstorms. These are the type of thunderstorms that seem to suddenly pop up, last less than an hour, and are rarely severe. A severe thunderstorm is defined by the National Weather Service as having three-quarter-inch diameter hail or surface winds exceeding 58 mi. (93 km.) per hour or producing a tornado. Ordinary thunderstorms also do not usually have excessive vertical wind shear, meaning that the wind speed or direction does not change greatly with height. They usually go through a series of stages from birth to decay. The first stage is known as the cumulus stage and is dominated by updrafts. The


Impressed, the grand duke granted him a salary, and Steno became a full member of the Cimento. He was able to explore fully his new geological interests with all expenses paid. He traveled around Tuscany collecting fossils, climbing mountains, and examining strata. He also continued dabbling in anatomy and arrived at a startling conclusion during this time. It was obvious that females of many species of animals laid eggs, but Steno proved that females that gave birth to live organisms also produced eggs in their ovaries. This was important because people generally believed that the female only acted as an incubator for the seed that the man placed inside of her. However, most of Steno's time was spent deciphering the history of the Earth as told by its anatomy, that is, its distinct and unique geological formations.

Marshall Institute

There has been much concern about the impacts of climate change on marine mammals, particularly polar bears, cetaceans, and pinnipeds. Likely effects include shifts or depletion of important prey species, changes in distribution, exposure to new diseases and predators, and habitat loss. Several arctic-dwelling seal species haul out onto ice to give birth, and may be vulnerable to reductions in area, or thinning, of sea ice. Loss of ice as a haul-out substrate and fierce storms have led to several seasons of high harp seal pup (Pagophilus groenlandicus) mortality in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada. As humans cull juveniles of this population, this adds an additional stressor to the population. Pinnipeds are also very well-adapted to cold temperatures and global warming may lead to heat stress.

The New Old World

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increased by 1 part per million per year, just like clockwork. But every year from then on, the rate increased, until by the year 2000 it was increasing by 2 parts per million per year. By the middle part of the twenty-first century, it was increasing at 4 parts per million. The reason was simple. The vast multitudes in India and China had all demanded, and bought, a car for every house, and were now moving toward two cars in every garage, as their North American and European fellow world citizens had long enjoyed. Now two cars in garages were appearing in most houses in the Middle East and North African shores, places with the highest birth rates on the planet. In the twenty-first century, the human population hit nine billion, and a goodly percentage of them drove to work each day.

Polar Bears

Females become sexually mature at four to five years of age. Males may not mate successfully until they are 8 to 10 years old. Mating occurs from April to June and each male may mate with more than one female. The females have induced ovulation, mating multiple times causes the release of an egg. The implantation of the blastula (the fertilized egg after several cell divisions) is delayed until September October, and in November December the female excavates a den in the snow. She eventually gives birth in December or January. One to three cubs are born (two-thirds of cubs are twins) and they are nursed in the den until March April, when they emerge. Cubs are weaned at the age of two or three years. During

State of Play

Seemingly undaunted by these challenges, today's climate negotiators are building on the mixed outcomes of the Kyoto Protocol to craft a strategy for moving forward. Despite the absence of the United States, parties to the protocol continue to strengthen its provisions and have committed to improving and expanding the carbon trading, Clean Development Mechanism, and other emissions-reducing tools to which it gave birth. The CDM and its governing board, for example, already are moving to shift toward ongoing programs of emissions reductions in a diversity of developing countries.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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