Research Needs for Advancing Solar Radiation Management

It is beyond the scope of this report to design a research program on SRM, or even to determine the scope, scale, priorities, or goals of such a program. However, the various SRM proposals and their consequences need to be examined, as long as such research does not replace or reduce research on fundamental understanding of climate change or other approaches to limiting climate change or adapting to its impacts. Some key SRM-related research needs, discussed in Chapter 15, include the following:

• Improve understanding of the physical potential and technical feasibility of SRM and other geoengineering approaches.

• Evaluate the potential consequences of SRM approaches on other aspects of the Earth system, including ecosystems on land and in the oceans.

• Develop and evaluate systems of governance that would provide a model for how to decide whether, when, and how to intentionally intervene in the climate system.

• Measure and evaluate public attitudes and develop approaches that effectively inform and engage the public in decisions regarding SRM.

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