Research Needs for Advancing Science on Agriculture Fisheries and Food Production in the Context of Climate Change

A broad range of research is needed to understand the impacts of climate change on food production systems and to develop strategies that assist in both limiting the magnitude of climate change through management practices and reducing vulnerability and increasing adaptive capacity in regions and populations in the United States and other parts of the world. Some critical research needs, which are explored in further detail in Chapter 10, are listed below.

• Improve understanding and models of response of agricultural crops and fisheries to climate and other environmental changes.

• Expand observing and monitoring systems.

• Assess food security and vulnerability in the context of climate change.

• Develop approaches to evaluate trade-offs and synergies in managing agricultural lands and in managing ocean resources.

• Develop and improve technologies, management strategies, and institutions to reduce GHG emissions from agriculture and fisheries and to enhance adaptation to climate change.

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