Panel On Informing Effective Decisions And Actions Related To Climate Change

DIANA LIVERMAN (Co-chair), University of Arizona, Tucson PETER RAVEN (Co-chair), Missouri Botanical Garden, Saint Louis DANIEL BARSTOW, Challenger Center for Space Science Education, Alexandria, Virginia

ROSINA M. BIERBAUM, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor DANIEL W. BROMLEY, University of Wisconsin-Madison ANTHONY LEISEROWITZ, Yale University

ROBERT J. LEMPERT, The RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, California

JIM LOPEZ,* King County, Washington

EDWARD L. MILES, University of Washington, Seattle

BERRIEN MOORE III, Climate Central, Princeton, New Jersey

MARK D. NEWTON, Dell, Inc., Round Rock, Texas

VENKATACHALAM RAMASWAMY, National Oceanic and Atmospheric

Administration, Princeton, New Jersey RICHARD RICHELS, Electric Power Research Institute, Inc., Washington, D.C. DOUGLAS P. SCOTT, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, Springfield KATHLEEN J. TIERNEY, University of Colorado at Boulder CHRIS WALKER, The Carbon Trust LLC, New York, New York SHARI T. WILSON, Maryland Department of the Environment, Baltimore

Asterisks (*) denote members who resigned during the study process.

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