Human Security

The impact of climate change may increase the probability of conflict, and this has become a prominent argument for considering climate change in security analyses. The concept of human security, however, goes far beyond the traditional concerns of national security and conflict and instead includes considerations of access to sufficient food, water, and health care infrastructure, as well as freedom from repression and freedom and capacity to determine one's life path. Analysts have moved toward a more integrative conception of security and threats, one that reflects the lived realities that individuals and communities face. Nevertheless, there are still multiple ways of thinking about human security and no agreement on a policy agenda. Research efforts in this area to date have focused on issues of equity, fairness, vulnerability, and human dignity, and have identified conditions that are critical to maintaining or restoring human security: effective governance systems, healthy and resilient ecosystems, comprehensive and sustained disaster risk-management efforts, empowerment of individuals and local institutions, and supportive values.

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