Americas Climate Choices Membership Lists


ALBERT CARNESALE (Chair), University of California, Los Angeles WILLIAM CHAMEIDES (Vice Chair), Duke University, Durham, North Carolina DONALD F. BOESCH, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, Cambridge

MARILYN A. BROWN, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta JONATHAN CANNON, University of Virginia, Charlottesville THOMAS DIETZ, Michigan State University, East Lansing GEORGE C. EADS, Charles River Associates, Washington, D.C. ROBERT W. FRI, Resources for the Future, Washington, D.C.

JAMES E. GERINGER, Environmental Systems Research Institute, Cheyenne, Wyoming DENNIS L. HARTMANN, University of Washington, Seattle CHARLES O. HOLLIDAY, JR., DuPont, Wilmington, Delaware KATHARINE L. JACOBS,* Arizona Water Institute, Tucson THOMAS KARL,* National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Asheville, North Carolina

DIANA M. LIVERMAN, University of Arizona, Tuscon and University of Oxford,

United Kingdom PAMELA A. MATSON, Stanford University, California PETER H. RAVEN, Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis

RICHARD SCHMALENSEE, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge PHILIP R. SHARP, Resources for the Future, Washington, D.C. PEGGY M. SHEPARD, WE ACT for Environmental Justice, New York, New York ROBERT H. SOCOLOW, Princeton University, New Jersey SUSAN SOLOMON, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Boulder, Colorado

BJORN STIGSON, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Geneva, Switzerland

THOMAS J. WILBANKS, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee PETER ZANDAN, Public Strategies, Inc., Austin, Texas


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