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Instant Event Fundraising System

John Kaplan has been on the limelight having a national career extending for more than 25 years. He has encountered almost every fulfilling environment; he has several achievements and is among Canada's best family entertainers. In addition, Kaplan has made numerous trips for about 35 years promoting fundraising needs for quite a number of community groups and schools. As a result, the groups have fun raising their much-required funds and Kaplan has the opportunity to advertise his family show and sell it to a market at corporate rates. Together with his wife, they are both actively indulged in most fundraising activities especially for all parent committees in schools where their two sons go to. John Kaplan has been able to observe and discover all that is necessary to accomplish tremendous success with the help of an event fundraiser. The instant event fundraising system is a useful resource that is beneficial in planning, promoting, and maximizing profits from the next fundraising event. It has been specifically designed and tested by hundreds of large organizations and proven successful. The fundraising system is meant for community organizations of all kinds. Read more...

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Prestige Oil Spill Responding Rapidly

Immediately after receiving news of the crisis, WWF Spain formed a multidisciplinary crisis group, led by its CEO, to deal with the issue. Within an hour it had alerted both the national and international media. The group designed and planned an integrated rapid-response strategy covering conservation, policy, and communication. It also developed action plans for fund raising and a membership drive. Use integrated strategy (conservation, communications, and fund raising).

Funding energy efficiency earmarked environmental taxes versus system public benefit charges

Classical economic theory holds that the government appropriations process is the most efficient way to allocate public funds among competing policy priorities. For this and other reasons the earmarking of environmental taxes to fund energy efficiency has received criticism from economists. In contrast, a different kind of earmarking, namely the funding of energy efficiency with network-delivered energy charges (sometimes called system public benefit charges or wires and pipes charges), has received a more positive support. This paper seeks to understand this differential treatment by examining the fiscal and governance effects, economic efficiency, impacts on equity, and political economy of the two fund-raising systems relative to a default case of funding through government budgets.

Climate Change Knowledge Network

The CCKN has its headquarters at the International Institute for Sustainable Development, in Canada, which also helps the members to disseminate their work and projects via the internet. The network's core members are institutions selected from developing and developed countries. They participate in decision-making processes, research projects, and fundraising activities. The network also has associate members, who are either former core members, or organizations with interests in climate change that share the same aims as those of the network. Network members usually meet in person, once a year, at the annual meeting the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Notforprofit agencies

The term NGO also implies independence from government, which often enables NGOs to promote, or expose activities and events in ways the government cannot. NGOs, then, need to be resourced effectively. For instance, the budget of the American Association of Retired persons (AARP) in 1999, was over 540 million, and, in 2003, Human Rights Watch spent and received 21.7 million. As such, many NGOs rely heavily on membership funds, donations, fundraising, grants, and sponsorships to resource their activities. To some NGOs, it is important to maintain financial independence from government at all times. Greenpeace does not accept donations from governments or corporations, but relies on contributions from individual supporters and foundation grants. Nonetheless, many NGOs depend in part on government funding. For example, the British Government and the European Union (EU) donated a quarter of Oxfam's budget ( 162 million) for famine relief in 1998. Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) operates...

Globalchange Science And Politics

On the environmental side, the spokespersons are often heads of environmental groups. Day-to-day fund raising requires raising public concerns about the environmental degradation caused by human activities, and many groups do this in a responsible way. As scientists became aware of the likelihood of future global warming during the 1980s, the environmental movement added it to their list of concerns. But some extremists oversimplified the complexities of the global-warming issue and put out alarmist half-truths that the public heard or read out of context.


Mountains The Pacific Ocean

Portland, Oregon is the base for Earth Share of Oregon, a nonprofit federation of 68 local and national environmental conservation groups for workplace fundraising. Founded in 1989 to provide stable funding sources, Earth Share has raised over 8.5 million. Earth Share supports groups seeking to reduce global warming (through tree planting, recycling, proposing energy policies, monitoring industry practices, preserving natural habitats, and ensuring the availability of clean water).

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