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X = const O const K(w)

Fig. 1.14. Diagram of the ground freezing (thawing) process: a - with formation of the phase interface £,;b- with the formation of the freezing zone; c - with allowance made for water migration into the freezing zone; I - frozen (fro) and freezing (fre) soil; II - unfrozen (unf) soil; 1 - segregated ice streaks; 2 - moisture flux /w from unfrozen to freezing soil; 3 - the heat flux q in unfrozen, freezing and frozen soil; 4- the phase interface; /jheav - the heave of the surface; k - the moisture conductivity of unfrozen and freezing soil.

tion equations and allow a solution. In order to obtain the conclusive solution to the set problem, it is necessary to supplement this statement with extreme (initial and boundary) conditions:

tfr(z, o) = o < z < m tujz,o) = (¡>2{z), m<z<i initial conditions

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