The editor and publishers are indebted to those who have assisted in various ways in preparing the English version.

Isabella M.T. Warren, Russian Bibliographer, Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge, has been a constant source of help in refining the translation. The following gave expert advice in interpreting the finer points of particular technical terms in the original Russian: Evgenny Chuvilin, Evgenny Aksenov and Olga Toutoubalina, Moscow State University; and Vlad Roujansky, EBA Engineering, Edmonton.

Scientists and engineers, all in some degree geocryologists, have given advice on English terminology in their own areas of scientific and engineering expertise: R. van Everdingen, Arctic Institute of North America, Calgary; P.D. Groenevelt, Guelph University; D.W. Hayley, EBA Engineering, Edmonton; A. Judge, Geological Survey of Canada; J.A. Heginbottom, International Permafrost Association; B. Ladanyi, Ecole Polytechnique, Montreal; W.G. Rees, Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge; E. Jetchik, D.W. Riseborough, J. K. Torrance and T.L. White, Geotechnical Science Laboratories, Carleton University.

The initial translation was carried out in Moscow by N.B. Guseva (Introduction, Chapters 1 and 12-19); A.D. Anikin (Chapter 2); and L.V. Kholdobaeva and A.K. Stroganov (Chapters 3-11).

The editor adds his indebtedness to Kari Williams, for word processing, including the setting-up of the many equations and tables, and to Inger E. Williams, for preparing the English version of all the figures.

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