Socially and Economically Valuable Trees

Several species of trees have locally significant values that could be used to drive restoration in the landscape. Multiple economic and cultural values are historically linked to a specific ethnically defined region. For example, in certain regions in India, the common tropical dry-

300 Kushalappa and Bhagwat, 2001.

34. Restoring Landscape for Traditional Cultural Values 235

deciduous Neem tree (Azadirachta indica) symbolises a body of traditional values, knowledge, and uses. Almost all parts of the tree are used in medicine and agriculture.The leaves are used in traditional health systems, in religious rituals, and as green manure in agriculture. Oil is extracted from the seeds and has both medicinal and pesticidal properties. Neem cake which is a by-product of oil extraction is used as an organic fertiliser. The wood has a high calorific value as fuelwood. Neem wood is termite resistant and used to make door and window frames. Species with multiple values may be candidates to drive region-specific restoration of these species (and others) within the broader landscape.

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