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it A grometeorology is more in de-■t\. mand than ever, and this book will be an important resource for questions on how climate and weather impact on agricultural production. The authors have used their extensive experience to harvest examples and extract principles across a diverse but representative range of agricultural production systems. Through an interdisciplinary perspective, they have achieved a very useful distillation of principles by reviewing applications in agricultural management. The eleven chapters include thorough reviews on how climate and weather determine effective rainfall, on drought, climate change, and on the incidence of many pests and parasites. The book's focus is on analysis and applications, and it is a valuable resource for both students and managers."

//■"fhis book provides a wide variety A of perspectives and extensive examples of tools and procedures to manage and make the most of both short-term weather and longer-term climate variability. This very readable book should be useful to a broad range of practitioners from farmers to research scientists."

Mary Voice, MSc, GrCert

Principal, Cumulus Consulting, Lecturer, La Trobe University

Barry J. White, PhD

National Coordinator

(Climate Variability R&D Program),

Land & Water Australia

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