RANGEPACK is a strategic assessment tool that follows a herd or flock through successive years to evaluate the lagged effects of climatic fluctuations on herd numbers, allowing the user to follow the gradual implementation of a new strategy.

Stafford Smith and Foran, 1989


DroughtPlan is a series of procedures and decision support tools for producers in property management planning activities. DroughtPlan helps producers to make decisions about stocking rate strategies, breeding, buying, selling, and feeding options, and enterprise selection in the face of climatic variability.

Stafford Smith et al., 1996

Aussie GRASS

Australian Grassland and Rangeland Assessment by Spatial Simulation (Aussie GRASS) is a spatial modeling framework for assessing the condition of Australia's grazing lands. Aussie GRASS gives information on pasture growth that allows estimates of long-term safe stocking rates.

Carter etal., 2000

Close "Seasonal Time Setting" and return to the "Seasonal Rainfall" window. Select:

Average SOI from the "Methods of Seasonal Analysis" (Any one of the four methods can be chosen.)

RAINMAN generates a table (can be a graph also) that gives the information about rainfall at Tamworth during the coming season under several scenarios (see Table 8.3).

Rainfall at Tamworth is highly variable from season to season. From historical records it is established that like any other place in eastern Australia, the amount of rainfall in a particular season is normally influenced by the SOI prevailing in the two months prior to the commencement of a season. The average rainfall at Tamworth for the October to December period is 203 mm. This year, SOI during the months of August and September remained

TABLE 8.3. Chance of rainfall in summer (October to December) at Tamworth, using average SOI in August-September

Rainfall period:

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