Principles and Applications of Climate Studies in Agriculture


"lV^avi and Tupper are to be con-IVAgratulated for producing a very wide-ranging book that delivers an information-rich overview of applications and contemporary issues faced by agrometeorology. They have focused on the explanation and application of principles, often through the presentation of real and practical examples, rendering the contents accessible to a broad audience. This book should prove a useful reference, particularly for specialists from aligned disciplines and university students undertaking agriculture-related courses."

Stephen Lellyett

Deputy Regional Director NSW, Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology, Darlinghurst, Australia

//This book will be of great help to A students, scientists, and research workers. It provides vast information on the importance, availability, and general use of meteorological data/services in connection with the planning of agricultural investment and development projects. The authors have done a commendable job by collecting the latest information on existing meteorological scenarios for project implementation as well as for future planning concerning additional investment in development projects. Many books and journals contain fragmented information on these topics but the authors of this book have presented all the information under one umbrella."

Professor of Agrometeorology, College of Agriculture, Punjab Agricultural University, India

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Renewable Energy Eco Friendly

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