EntomoLOGIC EntomoLOGIC is a pest management decision support system for cotton growers. It contains three Larsen, 2001 modules: a Helicoverpa life cycle module for predicting pest pressure for the next three days, a Helicoverpa diapause module that predicts the number of pupae entering diapause and their expected reemergence dates, and a mite module that predicts mite pressure and yield loss. By using EntomoLOGIC's standard thresholds, sprays can be scheduled according to the insect pressure.

CLIMEX CLIMEX is an insect pest control decision support system. It compares locations of potential distribu- Skarrat, Sutherst, and tion, compares consecutive seasons at a location, matches climates of potential invasion, and mea- Maywald, 1995 sures greenhouse and irrigation impact on insect population. The system is also used for matching climates or locations for expanding the production of a particular crop or an animal.

Grazfeed Grazfeed assists agricultural advisers and producers in stock grazing and supplementary feeding de- Freer and Moore, 1990;

cisions. It estimates cattle and sheep production (meat, wool, and milk) obtainable from a particular Moore, Donnelly, and Freer, pasture and indicates the extent to which a chosen supplement might improve production or the 1997 amount of supplement required to reach a given level of production.

GrassGro GrassGro predicts pasture growth and production from a mob of sheep or cattle grazing a paddock or Donnelly, Freer, and Moore, group of paddocks in any enterprise in a Mediterranean climate. Applications of GrassGro in use are 1994 to (1) compare the current season's pasture production with the same seasonal periods in the past, (2) explore the likely effects of different plant characteristics on the productivity of grazing animals, (3) compare stocking rates, (4) estimate gross margins from an enterprise, and (5) use as a strategic planning tool for the management of breeding stock and supplementary feed needs.


SheepO is a package for estimating wool production, lambing performance, stock sales, and gross margins, and in developing medium- to long-term (strategic) management plans. The submodels within SheepO use empirical relationships for simulating processes. The pasture model calculates the green and total available pasture at ten-day intervals. Green digestibility model implements adaptations to relationships developed for several grasses.

Whelanetal.,1987; McLeod and Bowman, 1992; Bowman, Cottle, et al., 1993; Bowman, White, et al., 1993

SummerPak SummerPak helps in the management of sheep by assisting with decisions on stocking rates and sup- Wang and Orsini, 1992

plementary feeding. It operates on a daily time-step and simulates feed intake, animal and wool h«, growth, and herbage on offer.

TABLE 8.2 (continued)

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Renewable Energy Eco Friendly

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