Crop Science Amarjit S Basra PhD Senior Editor

Heterosis and Hybrid Seed Production in Agronomic Crops edited by Amarjit S. Basra Intensive Cropping: Efficient Use of Water, Nutrients, and Tillage by S. S. Prihar, P. R. Gajri, D. K. Benbi, and V. K. Arora

Physiological Bases for Maize Improvement edited by María E. Otegui and Gustavo A. Slafer

Plant Growth Regulators in Agriculture and Horticulture: Their Role and Commercial

Uses edited by Amarjit S. Basra Crop Responses and Adaptations to Temperature Stress edited by Amarjit S. Basra Plant Viruses As Molecular Pathogens by Jawaid A. Khan and Jeanne Dijkstra In Vitro Plant Breeding by Acram Taji, Prakash P. Kumar, and Prakash Lakshmanan Crop Improvement: Challenges in the Twenty-First Century edited by Manjit S. Kang Barley Science: Recent Advances from Molecular Biology to Agronomy of Yield and Quality edited by Gustavo A. Slafer, José Luis Molina-Cano, Roxana Savin, José Luis Araus, and Ignacio Romagosa Tillage for Sustainable Cropping by P. R. Gajri, V. K. Arora, and S. S. Prihar Bacterial Disease Resistance in Plants: Molecular Biology and Biotechnological

Applications by P. Vidhyasekaran Handbook of Formulas and Software for Plant Geneticists and Breeders edited by Manjit S. Kang

Postharvest Oxidative Stress in Horticultural Crops edited by D. M. Hodges Encyclopedic Dictionary of Plant Breeding and Related Subjects by Rolf H. G. Schlegel Handbook of Processes and Modeling in the Soil-Plant System edited by D. K. Benbi and R. Nieder

The Lowland Maya Area: Three Millennia at the Human-Wildland Interface edited by A. Gómez-Pompa, M. F. Allen, S. Fedick, and J. J. Jiménez-Osornio Biodiversity and Pest Management in Agroecosystems, Second Edition by Miguel A. Altieri and Clara I. Nicholls

Plant-Derived Antimycotics: Current Trends and Future Prospects edited by Mahendra Rai and Donatella Mares

Concise Encyclopedia of Temperate Tree Fruit edited by Tara Auxt Baugher and Suman Singha

Landscape Agroecology by Paul A. Wojkowski Concise Encyclopedia of Plant Pathology by P. Vidhyasekaran Testing of Genetically Modified Organisms in Foods edited by Farid E. Ahmed Concise Encyclopedia of Bioresource Technology edited by Ashok Pandey Agrometeorology: Principles and Applications of Climate Studies in Agriculture by Harpal S. Mavi and Graeme J. Tupper

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Renewable Energy Eco Friendly

Renewable Energy Eco Friendly

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