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Limited Use of New Technologies

The sparse rainfall that characterizes much of Sub-Saharan Africa affects the response to and demand for fertilizer (Seckler et al., 1991 Harold et al., 1994). Farmers are reluctant to risk fertilizer use until rain begins to fall, because inadequate moisture will fail to dissolve fertilizer nutrients (especially nitrogen) and crops can burn. Irrigation can make the use of fertilizer profitable and increase agricultural output. However, in Sub-Saharan Africa, only 4.3 of all arable land is irrigated. This is low, even when compared with other developing regions. In Latin America, 13 of the arable land is irrigated, and 38 is irrigated in Asia (FAO, 2003b). The world average is 19 . A potential exists to expand irrigated areas in Sub-Saharan Africa, but required investments will be costly. Increasing the use of fertilizer raises production costs. In many low-income countries, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America, almost all fertilizer is imported, and the lack of...

Marketbased Climate Policy

Emission trading schemes were developed in the United States.25 The most well-known programme is the sulphur dioxide trading scheme established at the beginning of the 1990s to tackle acid rain. This system enables firms to buy and sell rights to emit sulphur dioxide in a manner equivalent to buying and selling currencies in a foreign exchange market. The fact that it combines both environmental and economic benefits makes it attractive as a model for carbon trading systems. High penalties have prevented sources from violating the cap level the maximum amount of allowable emissions. Indeed, since the acid rain programme commenced in 1995 sources included into the scheme comply with their caps at lower costs than predicted at the time the programme was implemented. (Emissions trading is an administrative approach used to control pollution by providing economic incentives for achieving reductions in the emissions of pollutants. It is sometimes called cap and trade.)

Natural gas and the future

Producing countries will be able to continue reaping considerable profits from this growing demand for natural gas. Russia gets most of its foreign exchange earnings from the sale of both oil and gas, and in 2007 its massive energy conglomerate, Gazprom, earned a colossal 873 billion roubles from the export of natural gas.2 Another key producer is Norway, whose economy has in recent decades been sustained by the output from the North Sea.3

The Impact Of Globalism

Since the late 1970s, the top 15 Third World debtor nations have tripled the rate of exploitation of their forests - a phenomenon undoubtedly related to their pressing need to gain foreign exchange to make interest payments. Indonesia and Brazil, two heavily indebted countries of the world that also happened to contain much of the planet's remaining virgin tropical forests, saw their rates of deforestation increase by 82 per cent and 245 per cent respectively.17 Hence, it should come as no surprise that the speed of destruction of the world's centers of biodiversity has greatly accelerated since the onslaught of neo-liberal forces starting in the 1980s.

Russias energy challenge

Scarcely could any spectre haunt the Kremlin so chillingly as the threat of diminishing oil revenues. The energy sector accounts for half of Russia's national income and 65 per cent of its foreign exchange earnings, and any shortfall would devastate its economy. Without these earnings, the country would run short of the foreign currency that services its external debt and run low on the emergency reserves that it has used in recent years to form an emergency economic 'stabilization fund'. In short, Russia's drastic economic growth since the late 1990s has been built by oil at a time when the market price of crude was climbing, just as since late 2008 analysts have expected its economy to contract sharply as a result of the drastic fall in barrel price.

A conflict over resources

It is also because, as the case of the Shtokman field illustrates, they lack the skills, technology and expertise to develop many new fields and to make the most of their existing ones, and they cannot afford to alienate the international companies that can help them to do so. This is why Gazprom has established joint ventures with foreign partners to develop not just Shtokman, but also the South Stream natural gas pipeline to link Southern Europe with Caspian supplies. Oil and natural gas are so vital to the Russian economy that Moscow cannot afford to put future supplies at risk. If output drops then the Russian economy would be starved of foreign exchange and faced with a perhaps unsustainable budget deficit. This was the dire situation that Russia faced at the end of 2008 when its international credit rating was suddenly downgraded by analysts who were scared off by its economic plight.23

Weather Natural Disasters and Agriculture

Agriculture is one of the most weather dependent industries. It is the world's single largest employer and one of the main sources of export earnings, thereby significant from foreign exchange point of view (Sivakumar et al. 2004). Weather is defined as the day-to-day condition of the atmosphere at a particular place and given instant of time, whereas, climate is the summation of weather conditions over a given region during a comparatively longer period. tte knowledge of weather is essential in the daily management of crops and animals, and the science of climate aids in the selection of crops and animals. Of all the weather elements, solar radiation controls organic life by heating the earth and atmosphere and also provides the energy required in photosynthesis for the conversion of carbon dioxide and water into primary source of food (carbohydrates). Air temperature influences rates of biochemical reactions in crops (approximately double with each 10 C rise in temperature), leaf...

Explanation of the Issue

Unless there are significant changes in policies and practices, in many regions the expansion of plantations will continue to threaten forests of high conservation value, freshwater ecosystems, forest-dependent peoples, and habitats of endangered species. However, well-managed and appropriately located plantations can play an important role in healthy, diverse and multifunctional forest landscapes, for instance, by providing a sustainable source of timber and freeing up other areas to be set aside as reserves. The plantation industry can also, if properly managed, generate valuable foreign exchange earnings and employment opportunities for producer countries. The principles of forest landscape restoration recognise that plantations can play a role in a sustainable forest landscape, if they are well managed and have the support of local communities and are well-sited within the landscape (e.g., not in areas of high or potentially high biodiversity). Key elements of...

Medicinal plants in Ghana

Ghana Climate And Vegetation

And these effects were exacerbated by widespread and severe drought, a drop in cocoa prices, and burgeoning debt. All indicators of basic needs, including infant mortality and food self-sufficiency, show a decline in welfare, particularly in rural populations. In addition, the need for foreign exchange has fuelled the accelerated exploitation of forests, and timber has been harvested at a non-sustainable rate (see Cheru, 1992 WRI, 1992). At the same time, public expenditure on Western-style health care has been reduced under the structural adjustment programme. Access to this health care, along with a resurgence of interest in traditional medicine in postcolonial times has placed traditional practitioners in a central role in providing primary health care. This has occurred in parallel with a reduction of habitats which are the source of plant medicines used by many traditional practitioners. The health care system is now described.

Features of Agriculture and Forestry in the Humid and Sub Humid Tropics

Agriculture is very important for most countries in the humid and the sub-humid tropics. Take tropical Asia as an example. In tropical Asia, agriculture is a key economic sector. In 1993, ithad employed more than half of the labor force, accounting for 10-63 of the GDP in most countries of the region (IPCC, 1998). Substantial foreign exchange earnings also are derived from exports of agricultural products. Climate-sensitive crops - such as rice, other grains and cereals, vegetables, and spices - are particularly important in this region. Rice is the most important cereal crop. About 88.5 of the world's rain-fed lowland rice is cultivated in South and Southeast Asia. In almost all the countries, rice constitutes over 80 (even 98 individually) of total cereal production. Maize and wheat are the second important cereals (IPCC, 1998).

Conclusions conservation of medicinal plants habitats and indigenous technical knowledge

Can the production and consumption of plant medicines be compatible with a development strategy based on sustainable livelihoods Plotkin (1991) describes the ideal situation as one where the establishment of local pharmaceutical firms would create jobs, reduce unemployment, reduce import expenditures, generate foreign exchange, encourage documentation of traditional ethnomedical lore and be on the basis of conservation and sustainable use of medicinal plants and their habitats. One attempt to implement such a policy may be the initiative by the Costa Rican government in setting up INBio, a national institution to catalogue all genetic material indigenous to the country and effectively hold patents on any developments resulting from that material (see Aylward, this volume). Juma (1989) maintains that a National Gene Bank, if effectively linked into a network of community-based activities, could serve as custodians of material for local users. For such an initiative to be successful, a...

Nationalism in Greenland

All these Chinese organizations are nationalized and therefore have a distinct competitive advantage over their privately owned Western rivals. This is because they have access to the vast foreign exchange reserves of the Beijing government, and because they are not susceptible to any short-term pressure from private shareholders, who often demand not a long-term strategy but quick profits that will reap handsome dividends.

Agricultural Productivity

Most food-deficit countries allocate a large proportion of their domestic food production to food consumption, since a very small share of domestic consumption is provided by imports. Agricultural products are also a very important source of foreign exchange earnings to support the growing need for imports. Agricultural production growth depends on the availability and quality of resources. And in low-income, food-deficit countries, this means land and labor because of limited use of new technologies.

Agricultural Exports

In the last few years, India has been emerging as a leading exporter of agricultural produce, both fresh and processed. Our national exports of agricultural commodities during the year 1997-1998 were RS1262860 millions (million rupees). Oilmeal and oilcake, fresh fruits and vegetables and marine products are major foreign exchange earners. Fine quality basmati rice, meat and meat preparations, spices and cashew have made considerable breakthroughs in the international markets. With the globalization of markets, commerce in agriculture would be witnessed far more than ever before and hence it would be congenial for technology transfer to take place in realizing enhanced productivity and production. Efficiency would hold the key to attain and sustain advantages in terms of cost and quality locally, regionally and globally.

Transit fees

The Suez Canal illustrates exactly how much money a country can make from an international waterway that passes through its territory. The Egyptian government has long been highly dependent on the revenue drawn from the Canal, which now constitutes the country's third source of foreign exchange earnings, surpassed only by tourism and the remittances sent home by expatriate workers. So in 2007, when a boom in global trade allowed the Egyptian government to hike up prices, its takings from the 20,410 ships that made their way through the Canal amounted to a staggering 5.2 billion. 'Since the first oil crisis in 1973 and the soaring prices, the economic importance of the canal for Egypt never ceased to grow and it has become

The real danger

These fears would then be aggravated if the Chinese, in particular, do what they have done very effectively elsewhere in the world by using their vast foreign exchange reserves to buy majority stakes in national and international companies. In recent years, Chinese investors have been adept at doing this, particularly in the mining sector, with a view to influencing important commercial decisions. Although this does not necessarily pose any direct strategic threat to the United States, such moves might well appear to confirm what Washington strategists think they can already see. Foreign governments have been very wary about Chinese overseas investment because they fear, rightly or wrongly, that it could be used for political ends. For example, an investment in Costa Rica in 2007 by China's State Administration of Foreign Exchange appears to have been made on the condition that the government shifted its allegiances from Taiwan to Beijing.29 And when, in the spring of 2009, the...

Poverty And Ecocide

Ghana, the Philippines, and Indonesia serve as warning examples of the damaging environmental consequences of structural adjustment programs that mandate intensified export production to gain foreign exchange. Ghana increased its production of cocoa to deal with its debt, but unfortunately the terms of trade deteriorated because the rise in cocoa production in Ghana was accompanied by a 48 per cent decline in the world cocoa price between 1986 and 1989. Burdened with deteriorating terms of exchange, Ghana was forced into even greater indebtedness to cover its burgeoning trade deficit, with its external debt risingfromUS 1.1 billion in1988toUS 3.4 billion in1988.20 To make up for declining foreign-exchange earnings from cocoa, the Ghanaian government with World Bank support revived commercial forestry. Timber production rose from 147,000 cubic meters to 413,300 cubic meters per annum from 1984 to 1987, accelerating the destruction of Ghana's already reduced forest cover. At the 1990s...

Proximate causes

Economic factors are prominent underlying forces behind tropical deforestation (in 81 of the cases), less so in desertification (60 ), except in Central Asia. In deforestation, commercialisation and the growth of mainly timber markets as well as market failures are frequently found to drive forest removal. Special economic variables such as low domestic costs (for land, labour, fuel, or timber), product price increases (mostly for cash crops), and the ecological footprint of remote urban-industrial centers underpin about one third of the cases, whereas the requirement to generate foreign exchange earnings enters in a quarter of the cases. With few exceptions, factors related to economic development through a growing cash economy constitute robust underlying driving forces. Poverty-driven forest conversion, relating to the marginalization of farmers who have lost their resource entitlements, mostly happens in conjunction with capital-driven deforestation, relating to public or private...

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