Sources of further information and advice

Meat processing/meat waste pdf Disposal.pdf

Government/regulatory bodies

Canadian Food Inspection Agency -

European Food Safety Authority -

Food Standards Agency (FSA) (UK) -

• FSA BSE overview site - report

• FSA BSE controls page -

Food Standards Australia New Zealand -

US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) -


• USDA BSE page - Spongiform_Encephalopathy_BSE/index.asp

• USDA-FSA site on BSE - html#BSE%20Information%20Sites

WHO Food Safety site -

• WHO BSE page -

World Organization for Animal Health - htm

Legislation on BSE

EU legislation - European Commission - summary of TSE law - food/food/biosafety/bse/roadmap_en.pdf

US Federal Meat Inspection Act - &_Policies/FMIA/index.asp

Other organizations with information on BSE

Leatherhead Food International (UK) - National Renderers Association (US) - -

The British Medical Journal's variant Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease collection -

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