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There are two main groups of conferences dealing with minimising energy use. The first deals with energy minimisation in general and includes the following conferences:

82 Handbook of waste management and co-product recovery Table 4.5 Case studies completed by Linnhoff March


Alimentos Heinz Allied Breweries

American Crystal Sugar American Fructose American Maize


Archer Daniels Midlands (ADM)

Avebe Bass

Batchelors (Unilever) Birds Eye Walls (Unilever)

Borculo Domo Ingredients

British Gas/Bass/Canada EMR British Sugar Cache Valley Cheese Cadbury Schweppes Campbell Soup Cargill, USA

Cargill, UK Cargill, Germany

Cargill, Australia Cargill, Malaysia Carlton & United Breweries


Cerestar, Europe

Chivas Brothers (Seagrams) Combination of Rothes Distillers Courage

Meat processing works Tomato paste plant: CHP design Energy survey and Pinch Study, M & T

programme Energy saving

Corn wet milling (two projects) Process studies and utility model (three projects) Energy audit/scoping study Energy audit and detailed study/utility modelling at two sites, Pinch and ProSteam training courses, Total Site, Pinch Study Starch/protein

Scoping studies at two large breweries, implementation of water systems improvements, refrigeration review and investment strategy development Food processing

Vegetable processing: water minimisation study

Energy projects package for a dairy, feasibility study for a new refrigeration system Generic brewery design Confidential projects Cheese plant energy study Milk drying/agglomeration energy study Energy study and project ideas definition 13 projects at several sites (Dayton, Blair, Wichita, Lafayette, Kansas City, Chesapeake, Gainesville, Raleigh, Cedar Rapids and Memphis), Process studies and Total Site analyses. Training and technology transfer. Pinch support Edible oils (3 projects at 2 sites) New design audit for Salzgitte, operational analysis for Salzgitter West Footscray study Pinch training and case studies Study of refrigeration and compressed air systems, specific energy benchmarking study

Site appraisal, edible oil refinery Total Site studies of corn processing facilities (Holland, France and Germany), utility modelling (France, Germany, Holland)

Malt whisky distilleries, by-products plant Distillery by-products energy scoping study Water systems study

Table 4.5 cont'd


Dominion Breweries Domino Sugar Corporation Douwe Egberts

East Midlands Electricity (UK)

El Turia, Spain

EOI (Unilever)


Express Foods Fleischman's Yeast FMC (Ireland) FMC (UK)

Fonterra Co-operative Group

Gist Brocades

Glanbia Foods

Golden Wonder

Grain Processing Corporation

Greenall Whitley


Heinz Australia H J Heinz of Canada Highland Distilleries


Ind Coope, Burton

Invergordon Distillers John Dewer & Sons Ltd Kraft Foods Labatt's Lantic Sugar

Loders Croklaan (Unilever) Long John International (Whitbread)

J Lyons & Co (Allied Lyons)

Master Foods (Mars, Belgium) Meadow Lea Foods, Australia Meggle Milch Industrie Midwest Grain Miller Brewing

Corn wet milling Corn processing

Maltings energy and electricity appraisal Pinch studies of two breweries Total Site energy study Coffee

Food processing Energy audit and Pinch Study Edible oil refinery Edible oils

Brewery energy benchmarking

Dairy products (two sites) energy studies


Analysis of steam and condensate systems Site energy assessment Pinch analysis and process/utility modelling at two sites in New Zealand, Pinch Study, Steam Study Yeast

Dairy products

Potato products

Corn processing/starch

Pinch Study and detailed engineering of projects M & T programme Energy survey and Pinch Study of stout and lager breweries. Definition of future refrigeration supply strategy Cannery energy scoping study Food processing energy scoping study Malt whisky distilleries and malting pinch studies. CHP appraisal and project ideas definition Corn wet milling

Definition of refrigeration duties and detailed design of new plant systems Grain whisky distillery energy scoping study Energy survey (2 sites) Baking processes energy study Pinch Study of major brewery Cane sugar Edible oil (3 projects) Grain whisky distillery energy/

debottlenecking study and project ideas definition

Energy studies for coffee, ice cream and cereal production Rice processing Edible oils Dairy products Corn processing

Energy survey and Pinch Study of large brewery

Table 4.5 cont'd


Murray Goulburn Co-op

National Starch

NZ Co-op Dairy Company

Ocean Spray

Procter & Gamble

Pura Foods

Quest International

Redpath Sugar

Rich Products Richmond

Rowntree Mackintosh (Nestlé)

Sorrento Staley

Stevensons Suiker Unie Svenska Nestlé AB Tate & Lyle

Tetley Walker (Allied Breweries)

Tunnel Refineries, UK United Distillers (Guinness)

Van den Berghs & Jürgens

(Unilever) Van Grieken Melk

Waikato Dairy Co-op (New

Zealand) Weddel Tomoana Wendt's Dairy Whitbread

M & T programme, Pinch Study

Dairy energy scoping study

Corn processing

Dairy energy study. Total Site

Food processing

Citrus products energy study

Vegetable oil processing

Energy audit executed under ETSU/CIA

agreement Sugar refinery and utility debottlenecking study Non-dairy creamers Meat processing works Confectionery, waste management energy study and project ideas definition Dairy

Corn wet milling (3 projects at Decatur and

Sagamore) Pig meat rendering Sugar refinery energy study Food processing

Energy study and project ideas definition (2 refineries) BFW heating optimisation study

Pinch Study and detailed engineering of projects, energy audit of brewery Corn wet milling (2 projects) Maltings, heat recovery and heat pump evaluation Edible oil refineries (4 projects at 2 sites)

Milk products energy study and project ideas definition Dairy

Meat processing plant Fluid milk plant CHP project appraisal Scoping study of 3 large breweries, electrical survey of 2 breweries, formulation of electrical strategy for all breweries

Abbreviations: M & T, Measurement & Testing programme; ETSU, Energy Technology Support Unit; CIA, The Chemical Industries Association; BFW, boiler feed water.

• PRES: Process Integration, Modelling and Optimisation for Energy Saving and Pollution Reduction. This conference has been organised annually from 1999 (

• CIWEM: Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management National Conferences ( ConferenceBrochure.pdf).

• World Renewable Energy Congress: Innovation in Europe (web.taed.

• World Bioenergy (

• World Sustainable Energy Days (

• Europe Energy Efficiency Conference ( id=1484&L=1).

The second group are conferences dealing with the specific issue of food processing and, in particular, energy efficiency.

• Action Energy (2004) Steam distributions costs. Energy Consumption Guide, ECG 092, Carbon Trust, London.

• Action Energy (2004) Energy efficient operation of boilers. Good Practice Guide, GPG 369, Carbon Trust, London.

• Amla B L and Potty V H (1985) Development of energy-saving technologies for the food processing industry. The United Nations University Press, Food and Nutrition Bulletin 7 (2).

• Energetics, Incorporated for US Department of Energy (2004) Technology Roadmap - Energy Loss Reduction and Recovery in Industrial Energy Systems.

• US Department of Energy, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (2003) How to Calculate The True Cost of Steam. Industrial technologies Program, A Best Practice Steam Technical Brief.

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