Improved housekeeping is based on improvements to work processes and proper maintenance, including preventing spills and wastage, and improved monitoring, training and inventory. Examples of improved housekeeping are:

• Collect first flush of product changeovers and where possible blend back into the next product or dispose of as animal feed; e.g. Dairy Farmers, Australia collects 500 L product/day during changeovers, this is used for blending, with payback of 1 month (Prasad et al. 2004).

• Elimination of rinsing between different flavoured batches of yoghurt, whereby the merge phase is drawn off and used as animal feed, resulted in reduced product loss by 50% and reduced CIP detergent and waste water by 20% (Huisingh and Baas 1991).

• Insulation of pipes and repair of steam leaks and steam traps; e.g. a 1 mm hole in a steam line at 700 kPa will lead to a loss of 3000 L fuel oil/year (Prasad et al. 2004).

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