FIGURE 4-1 Number of publications in PubMed referring to "health" and either "climate change" or "global warming" from 1990 to 2007.

Putting Together a Coherent Response to Health Risks from Climate Change

This has called for a development of the field away from only describing health risks from climate change to a more serious consideration of how best to support public health policy and disease control programs to cope with this emerging threat. In line with the Executive Board resolution, WHO is reframing its support to Member States on health and climate change around three main objectives: (1) raising awareness, (2) promoting health through climate change mitigation, and (3) strengthening health systems to address the additional health risks from climate change.

In terms of raising awareness, there is growing appreciation that climate change can no longer be considered simply an environmental or a developmental issue. More importantly, it puts at risk the protection and improvement of human health and well-being. A greater appreciation of the human health dimensions of climate change is necessary for both the development of effective policy and the mobilization of public engagement. A range of health agencies are now making clear that the ultimate aim of mitigation and adaptation, and related development


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