Sweet and sour

The gardening column of my local paper tells me that I should be thinking about putting lime (calcium oxide) on my soil to sweeten it. Calcium oxide is an alkali (it produces a high pH in solution - see Chapter 1) and gardeners use it to counteract the acidity that tends to build up in the soil as salts are leached out by rain. Acids have a low pH and are sour. The sweetening effect of lime refers to it restoring the soil


Bacillus alcalophilus (bacterium) Natronobacterium spp. (archaea) Spirulina (cyanobacterium)

Turbatrix aceti (nematode)

Helicobacter pylori (bacterium) Thiobacillus ferroxidans (bacterium)

Cyanidium caldarium (alga) Acontium cylatium (fungus)

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