Tarenna vignei


Hutch. & Dalziel


Guild: sb

Life form: shrub or small tree

Max. height: 7 m (Hawthorne & Jongklnd 2004)

Max. diameter: data unavailable

Leaf: opposite, simple, rectangular to elliptic, notophyll (1.5-7 x 5.5-20 cm), entire, herbaceous, glabrous; lower surface of petiole has a channel;

interpetiolar stipules

Inflorescence: terminal, laxly branched cyme

Flower: small (corolla tube 1 cm long, lobes 0.7

cm); tube-shaped, 5 lobes, white

Fruit: fleshy (drupe), globose (1.1 cm in diameter), orange glossy with orange pulp, glabrous; many seeds

Seed: angular, medium-sized (0.5 x 0.3 x 0.3 cm), brown

Other: a slender tree with rather open crown and horizontal branches. T. vignei var. vignei differs from T. vignei subglabra in its rather densely pubescent lower leaf surface.


T. vignei subglabra is a continental disjunct that occurs in Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana. It has its largest population in Upper Guinea and is present in 27 30' cells. It occurs in wet evergreen forest, gallery forest and secondary forest.

T. vignei vignei is an Upper Guinea endemic that occurs only in Ghana. It has a very local distribution and is found in only 1 30' cell. It can be found in evergreen forest.


T. vignei subglabra is mostly found where rainfall reaches 2000-2500 mm/yr (Chi2 test). Usually under dense shade (De Koning 1983), and close to streams and rivers (Chi2 test). On loamy soils (herbarium).


It has a phanerocotylar epigeal foliaceous seedling type (cf. De Koning 1983).


Timing: flowering period from November to January; fruiting period from April to November (De Koning 1983)

Data sources

FWTA, De Koning (1983), Hawthorne & Jongkind (2004)

Open (n) Altitude River


Mean Annual Rainfall

Soil CMK

Soil WHC




spp n

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