Polystachya bancoensis Burg



Guild: pi

Life form: epiphytic herb

Max. height: 8.5 cm long

Leaf: alternate, simple, elliptic, microphyll (0.7-1.5

x 2-6 cm), coriaceous, greyish green to reddish blue; 1-2 leaves

Inflorescence: terminal, not branched (up to 7 cm long), pendulous, up to 13 flowers Flower: small (petals 0.5 cm long), pubescent; calyx green to yellowish; corolla greenish yellow; fragrant

Fruit: dry dehiscent (capsule), elliptic, green-brown; many seeds Seed: very small

Other: the pseudobulb is elliptic, dull bluish green sometimes tinged purplish.


Continent: Upper Guinea endemic Upper Guinea: Côte d'lvoire, Ghana Distribution type: continuous, widespread, present in 6 30' cells, distribution range is 657 km Forest type: evergreen forest (Arends et al. 1980)


Deciduousness: deciduous, it drops the leaves during the dry season (Arends et al. 1980) Dispersal: by wind

Timing: flowering period from October to November (De Koning 1983)

Data sources


It ¡s found on the bare bark of fully exposed branches of large forest trees. Usually ¡n forests at lower altitudes (Arends et al. 1980).

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