Pleiocoryne fernandensis Hiern SRauschert




Guild: np

Life form: large woody climber Max. height: 15 m long (De Koning 1983) Max. diameter: data unavailable Leaf: opposite, simple, ovate, notophyll (3-6 x 5-10 cm), entire, coriaceous to fleshy, glabrous; long petiole (> 2 cm); interpetiolar stipules Inflorescence: terminal or axillary, unbranched (cyme, 5 cm in diameter)

Flower: medium-sized (corolla tube 2-3.5 cm long);

corolla green and white, long tube-shaped with 5

lobes; very sweetly scented

Fruit: fleshy, globose (4 x 5.5 cm), orange; many seeds

Seed: flat, medium-sized (approx. 1 cm across) Other: it probably starts as a shrub when young. The branchlets are angular and glabrous.


Continent: Nigeria, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Fernando Po, Gabon, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo (Kirkbride & Robbrecht 1984), Angola (herbarium)

Upper Guinea: Guinea (Kirkbride & Robbrecht 1984), Sierra Leone, Liberia, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana (herbarium), Togo (Kirkbride & Robbrecht 1984) Distribution type: continuous, widespread, present in 20 30' cells, distribution range is 4265 km Forest type: wet evergreen forest, moist evergreen forest, coastal forest, dry forest, swamp forest, secondary forest, thickets

Often found in open and very wet places (e.g. along creeks, riverbanks, marshy places, and swamps). It can also be found on sandy beaches at the edge of open coastal rainforest. Apparently, more commonly reported in disturbed than in mature lowland rainforest. Often on white sandy soils (herbarium).


It has a phanerocotylar epigeal foliaceous seedling type (cf. De Koning 1983).


Data sources

De Koning (1983), Kirkbride & Robbrecht (1984), Hawthorne & Jongkind (2004)

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