Guild: np

Life form: large tree

Max. diameter: > 180 cm (Voorhoeve 1965)

Leaf: pinnately compound, 14-22 opposite leaflets, elliptic, oblong or obovate, microphyll (2-4 x 3.5-12

cm), entire, coriaceous, leaves and leaflets of saplings and young trees larger

Inflorescence: a densely flowered panicle

Flower: small, corolla greenish white

Fruit: capsule, pendulous (4 x 18 cm), woody, nearly black; 25-30 seeds

Seed: approx. 7 cm long including papery wing, red brown

Other: a tree with rather "fat", high buttresses. It has compound clustered leaves, but not as strongly as in E. utile. The crown is usually not as large as the huge bole might suggest. Wood density is 0.56 g/cm3.

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