Guild: np Life form: large tree Max. height: 45 m (Voorhoeve 1965) Max. diameter: 100 cm (Voorhoeve 1965) Leaf: alternate, (im)paripinnately compound, 6-10 (sub)opposite leaflets, elliptic to obovate, mesophyll (3-8 x 6-20 cm), entire, coriaceous, glabrous Inflorescence: (sub)terminal, branched (panicle, 15-40 cm long) Flower: small; corolla white Fruit: dry dehiscent, spindle-shaped (1.3 x 4.3 cm), purplish black with 4 coriaceous valves; 4-8 seeds Seed: medium-sized (0.6 cm wide with a 0.7 x 2.5 cm wing)

Other: an emergent tree with thick ascending buttresses and sometimes heavy, spreading surface roots. The crown is thick, dense and dark green. Brown, scattered lenticels are common. The slash has a strong cedar-like scent. Wood density is 0.52 g/cm3.

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