Leguminosae Pap

Description j3


Guild: u

Life form: winding woody climber

Max. height: 10 m long (herbarium)

Max. diameter: data unavailable

Leaf: alternate, simple, elliptic with a caudate apex, mesophyll (3.5-8 x 7-17 cm), entire, coriaceous;

triangular stipules, falling soon

Inflorescence: axillary, unbranched (raceme, up to

10 cm long)

Flower: small; calyx pale brown with rusty pubescence; corolla white with yellow spots near the base

Fruit: dry dehiscent (pod); 1-2 seeds Seed: data unavailable


Continent: Upper Guinea endemic Upper Guinea: Liberia, Côte d'Ivoire Distribution type: present in 2 30' cells Forest type: wet evergreen forest


Data unavailable.


Data sources

FWTA, Breteler (1994b), Hawthorne à Jongkind (2004)


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