Leguminosae Caes

Guild: u

Life form: medium-sized tree

Max. height: 30 m (Voorhoeve 1965)

Max. diameter: 70 cm (herbarium)

Leaf: alternate, paripinnately compound, 6-8

leaflets, oblong to lanceolate, notophyll (3-4 x 8-10

cm), entire, coriaceous, rusty brown hairs below, twisted petiolule, knotted vein glands (especially on midrib)

Inflorescence: terminal, unbranched (raceme) Flower: medium-sized; bracts and calyx reddish brown; corolla pinkish

Fruit: dry dehiscent, oblong (7 x 17 cm), brown, woody, with short pale brown hairs; 1-2 seeds Seed: very large (3-5 cm long), lenticular Other: the bole is cylindrical, straight or swollen at the base. The bark is greenish grey, smooth and hard, the slash light brown. New leaves appear in drooping, pink-red flushes. The species resembles Tetraberlinia tubmaniana.

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