It is often found along riverbanks, streams and swamps.

Dispersal: by wind

Dispersal: by wind

Data sources

FWTA, Mabberley (1987), Jongkind (in prep.)




Mean Annual Rainfall

Soil CMK

Soil WHC



Combretum blepharopetalum Wickens


Guild: u

Life form: large winding woody climber Max. height: data unavailable Max. diameter: data unavailable Leaf: opposite, simple (up to 14 x 26 cm), entire Inflorescence: axillary, unbranched (spike) Flower: small to medium-sized; green and white; flowers with a conspicuous long and slender stipelike part, with small petals Fruit: dry indehiscent, elliptic (3.5 x 3 cm), 4-winged; 1 seed Seed: data unavailable

Other: not much is known from this species, all collections in the herbarium lack plant and vegetation descriptions.

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