It is found on moist to damp forest floors (herbarium).

Guild: np

Life form: large tree

Max. height: 45 m (De Koning 1983)

Max. diameter: 100 cm (Voorhoeve 1965)

Leaf: alternate, bipinnately compound, 8-10 pinnae each with 12-22 leaflets, elliptic, microphyll (1.5-4 x

4-10 cm), entire, herbaceous, glossy green above, dull green beneath

Inflorescence: axillary or terminal, unbranched Flower: large; calyx inside green, outside brown velutinous; corolla yellow Fruit: dry dehiscent, flattened, narrowly obovate, thick (3 x 20 cm), woody and velvety, reddish brown, standing erect on the surface of the crown; 1-2 seeds

Seed: flat, very large (2 x 3.5 cm), yellowish-brown, edible

Other: it has a dense, rounded and small crown. The bole is usually crooked, without buttresses but it can be fluted. The leaf-bearing branchlets, petioles and rachae are brown tomentose.

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