The Tropical Shelterwood System management is well suited for K. ivorensis. Height growth in TSS is approx. 1 m in 4 years, increasing to almost 3 m per year after approx. 7 years (Taylor 1960). Later, height increment slows again to approx. 1 m per year over 30 years (Sanders 1953). The mean annual increment in Nigeria is approx. 2.5 cm, depending on height and competition intensity (Sanders 1953). In some sites, the tree attains 10 m height in 7 years (MacKay 1953). Keay (1961) estimated that it would take 88 years for this species to reach 90 cm dbh, in Nigeria.

Deciduousness: deciduous Dispersal: by wind

Timing: flowering period from July to January; fruiting period from February to May (Taylor 1960). In the Moist Evergreen zone, flowering and fruiting occurs throughout the year, while in the Moist Semi-deciduous zone flowering occurs from June to September and fruiting from October to March (Gyimah 1986). Trees of 30 years can produce good crops of seeds and, although some seed is produced annually, good seed crops occur every 3-4 years (Sanders 1953). Lancaster (1954) recorded a very patchy spatial distribution of seeds, even during a good year.

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