Guild: sb

Life form: perennial herb (dwarf bamboo) Max. height: 1.5 m (herbarium) Max. diameter: 0.9 cm (Botanischer Jahrbucher 1897)

Leaf: simple, lanceolate, mesophyll (2-5 x 10-32 cm), entire

Inflorescence: terminal, branched (raceme),

(5-7 cm long), up to 20 green flowers per spikelet

Flower: small; far exerted stamens

Fruit: small

Seed: data unavailable

Other: it is violet at the base.


, Democratic

Continent: Nigeria, Cameroon, Republic of Congo (herbarium) Upper Guinea: Ghana (herbarium, Hall & Swaine 1981)

Distribution type: continental disjunct, in Upper Guinea present in 3 30' cells Forest type: wet evergreen forest


It is found under deep forest understorey shade, old gaps, and occasionally along roadsides (herbarium).


It regenerates in the shade (Hall à Swaine 1981).


Dispersal: no obvious dispersal mechanism (Hall & Swaine 1981)


Dispersal: no obvious dispersal mechanism (Hall & Swaine 1981)

Data sources

Guaduella oblonga Hutch. ex W.D.Clayton Gramineae

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