Guild: pi

Life form: large tree Max. height: 36 m (herbarium) Max. diameter: 120 cm (FWTA) Leaf: alternate, simple, oblong to elliptic, mesophyll (5-7 x 10-16 cm), serrate, two glands on margin at base, fairly coriaceous

Inflorescence: axillary, unbranched (spike), male flowers below and female flowers above Flower: small

Fruit: fleshy (drupe), globose (1.8 cm in diameter), yellow; 2 seeds Seed: data unavailable

Other: a tree with swollen base and root ridges. The bark is flaking in long fibrous strips. Branches with white latex. The species is similar to S. ellipticum, but occurs in evergreen forest.


Continent: Upper Guinea endemic

Upper Guinea: Sierra Leone, Liberia, Côte d'Ivoire,


Distribution type: continuous, widespread, present in 10 30' cells, distribution range is 1207 km, Red List species (Vulnerable). It is rare (Hawthorne 1995a).

Forest type: wet evergreen forest, gallery forest


Few records found in both dense and open forests. We did not find any significant relationship with environmental variables.


It has a phanerocotylar epigeal foliaceous seedling type (De la Mensbruge 1966).


Deciduousness: deciduous Dispersal: probably by animals

Data sources

FWTA, Aubréville (1959), De la Mensbruge (1966), Savill & Fox (1967), Hawthorne (1990, 1995a), IUCN Red List (2000)




Mean Annual Rainfall

Soil CMK

Soil WHC





Scadoxus multiflorus (Martyn) Raf. ssp. longitubuS (C.H.Wright) Friis & Nordal

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