Guild: sb

Life form: small tree

Max. height: 10 m (herbarium)

Max. diameter: 3 cm (herbarium)

Leaf: alternate, simple, elliptic-lanceolate, notophyll

(3-4 x 7-13 cm), entire, herbaceous, glabrous, very pale green beneath

Inflorescence: male flowers axillary and cauliflorous; female flowers cauliflorous; dioecious; unbranched Flower: medium-sized; bell-shaped; corolla white, 3-lobed

Fruit: fleshy (berry), conically shaped (2 x 3 cm), orange; up to 4 seeds in scarce whitish sweet pulp Seed: oblong, very large (2.5 x 0.9 x 0.6 cm), dark reddish brown

Other: it has black bark and branches in whorls. All leaves of a single branch are in one plane. The twigs and the underside of the midribs are pubescent. The species is very similar to Diospyros heudelotii.


Continent: Upper Guinea endemic

Upper Guinea: Liberia, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana

Distribution type: continuous, widespread, present

Example Deciduous Forest Ghana

in 20 30' cells, distribution range is 761 km Forest type: wet evergreen forest, moist evergreen forest, moist semi-deciduous forest, secondary forest. In Ghana mostly found in moist evergreen forest (Hall & Swaine 1981)


The species is most frequently found in the lowlands (logistic regression analysis), where rainfall is between 1500-2000 mm/yr (Chi2 test). It occurs in the understorey of mature forests and old secondary forests (herbarium).


It regenerates in the shade (Hall & Swaine 1981).


Dispersal: probably by animals

Dispersal: probably by animals

Data sources

FWTA, White (1963, 1978), Hall & Swaine (1981), Hawthorne (1995a)

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