Guild: sb

Life form: unbranched pigmy tree

Max. height: 3 m (herbarium)

Max. diameter: approx. 1 cm

Leaf: alternate, simple, ovate to rounded, mesophyll (3-13 x 3-17 cm), entire, herbaceous to coriaceous, unfolded young leaves dark red; with a winged pseudo-petiole

Inflorescence: terminal, unbranched, many flowers together

Flower: medium-sized; white Fruit: fleshy, orange

Seed: lens-shaped, medium-sized (0.8 x 0.7 x 0.4 cm), white

Other: it has an unbranched single stem that is terminated by a pseudowhorl of leaves. After each flowering, growth is continued sympodially by a single axillary bud.


Continent: Upper Guinea endemic Upper Guinea: Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana (herbarium, Bos 1984) Distribution type: continuous, widespread, present in 33 30' cells, distribution range is 1417 km Forest type: montane forest, wet evergreen forest, swamp forest, secondary forest


Species occurrence increases with rainfall to reach an optimum around 2500 mm/yr (logistic regression analysis, Chi2 test). Often found at higher altitudes (Chi2 test). Usually found in the understorey of mature forests, near water (e.g. streams, waterfalls, lakes). Sometimes also in swampy forests in the savanna region (herbarium). It is frequently found on soils with high water holding capacity (Chi2 test).


Presumably by seed only.


Deciduousness: evergreen Dispersal: probably by animals Timing: it does not appear to have a fixed flowering period

Data sources

Bos (1984)

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